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Enjoy Your Career of Network Administrator with Cisco CCNP R&S Credential

There are few people in IT world who have never heard of Cisco, a large corporation in the US. It has gained its popularity for developing and selling telecommunication equipment and networking hardware. But Cisco is much more than just the producer of tech products and services. Although, it’s also the leader that provides certifications and prepare IT specialists in networking field mostly, Cisco offers a number of certifications of different levels from entry to expert. It prepares top professionals that possess networking skills verified by the globally recognized IT vendor - Cisco.

Building an upright reputation starts with gaining reliable certifications. Routing and Switching certifications offered by Cisco have a clear structure. One should gain credentials of the beginners’ level first to opt for certifications of the professional level. That’s why before sitting for CCNP R&S certification, you need to have a valid CCNA Routing & Switching credential first, having passed 200-125 or a set of two exams 100-105 and 200-105 exams.

After that, take time to assess your knowledge and skills. Are you an individual that possess CCNA R&S certification? Are you an individual with experience in a complex enterprise as well as switched networks? Do you know how to utilize technology-based standards? Do you have an idea about network troubleshooting using the ITIL-complaint method? If all of your answers for these questions are a resounding YES, then it’s time to get going and plan for CCNP Routing & Switching certification and the three exams (300-101, 300-115 and 300-135) one needs to pass for that.

  1. About 300-135 TSHOOT

This articles will give you a clear picture of how to get CCNP certification and mainly, how to pass 300-135 exam.

300-135 TSHOOT exam (Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks) is one of the three required exams before you earn the well-respected CCNP Routing & Switching certification. It is actually the last stage of the certification process. On this stage, along with 300-135 TSHOOT exam you are implied to take 2 more exams: 300-101 ROUTE and 300-115 SWITCH.

300-101 exam validates your ability to apply your skills and knowledge reacquired to operate secure Cisco routers joined with IPv6, LANs and WANs.

Those who sit for 300-115 exam verify their skills and knowledge to work with complex enterprise switching solutions, especially they should be proficient in using Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

From the exam title itself, this course tackles everything related to Cisco IP Networks, from troubleshooting to maintaining different networks. Hence, in-depth experience is significantly recommended before taking the exam.

  1. Prerequisites

Exam preparation could be a complex process if you do not have enough background related to the course outline. This means that you must assess your expertise first before jumping into a rather complicated yet fruitful journey. For reference, candidates should have valuable knowledge and experience with routing and switching technologies, which include VLANs, Inter-VLAN routing solutions, VLAN access control lists, Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 path control, Spanning Tree Control, and switch security issues. Also, prior expertise about linkage aggregation protocol, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Internal and External Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), IPv6 Networking and related topic are important.

Your expertise should not be limited to planning and implementing enterprise networks but also includes troubleshooting of such and working on advanced security and video solutions. This means that those with at least one year of experience in roles like support engineer, systems engineer, network engineer, and network technician are the most appropriate individuals for the said certification.

  1. Exam Details

Aside from the protocol knowledge and skills, candidates must know everything about the exam - from costs to the objectives.

To start with, 300-135 TSHOOT lasts for up to 120 minutes, with 15 to 25 questions only, either in English or Japanese. The limited number of questions means that each question is very relevant to the scoring, though Cisco does not provide the exact passing score for this exam― only pass or fail results. These questions are formatted into multiple-choice (single/ multiple answers), simulation, drag and drop, simlets and testlets. As of this writing, the exam cost is $300.

With the limited number of questions, intensive preparation is vital to provide you with a lasting foundation that will be useful during the exam and your future career growth.

  1. Exam Preparation

Now, let’s get going and prepare for the exam. Choosing the right study resources is one of the most valuable factors that every candidate should take into account. And what makes Cisco different from other entities is that they provide you with an array of high-quality options.

  • Start with the Route & Switch exams

First on the list are the ever valuable Route & Switch exams. These exams may not be prerequisites but they are highly recommended to serve as your primary study tools. It is because the TSHOOT exam is considered the application of what you learned from the prior exams.

  • Utilize the e-learning solution

For the convenience of the exam takers, Cisco through their Learning Partners, offers recommended e-learning solution named Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) v2.0. This self-paced training lasts up to 365 days or roughly one year so that you will intensively cover all the exam topics. After the course, you will now learn how to operate intricate routed and switched networks and related issues through different discovery labs and tests and content review exams.

  • Make use of self-paced lab training

Aside from the above-mentioned course, you can make use of Cisco Learning Labs for CCNP TSHOOT v2.0― a 50-hour 180-day Lab session that provides you with a comprehensive set of labs. These self-paced labs feature Cisco CCNP Exam Dumps software including Layer 2 and Layer 3, as well as CLI version 15. The great thing about these training resources is that they are accessible 24/7 so that you can configure, manage and troubleshoot complex routers and switches at any time of the day.

  • Enroll in an instructor-led training

After exhausting all the self-paced training courses, you may want to try a different set-up that allows you to interact personally with an instructor and some colleagues. So, there’s the Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) v2.0― a 5-day instructor-led training that helps you materialize everything you learned by hand.

  • Keep update with Cisco Press

For latest updates, make sure to tune in with Cisco Press that gives the most recent CCNP publications and other significant trends. Also, as the only authorized book publisher of Cisco, you are assured of options that are delivered by highly competent and certified Cisco instructors.

  • Practice using braindumps

Another core element to be used by candidates to pass the exam is braindumps. These are very much useful to polish your expertise and reinforce your skills through a wide range of valuable test questions. By utilizing braindumps, you can comprehensively identify different troubleshooting tools, then resolve issues in multifaceted enterprise networks before the real exam. Find the most reliable websites on the internet that provide the actual and the updated material for you to succeed in the exam, such asPrepAway, for example. Be prepared efficiently for your certification exams and pass them on your first try.

  1. Conclusion

Before, knowledge and skills backed up with experience and attitude were the only determining factors for a candidate to gain a position in a company. However, with the continuous advancements and latest trends, most employers now need a certain validation to prove one’s worth in a business. And that validation can be gained through different certifications. Accordingly, earning a certification is not a piece of cake but rather a complex yet rewarding journey. So, make the most out of everything to prepare for the exam because what you sacrifice now will virtualize in the future. Start your quest and build your IT career through CCNP Routing & Switching Certification and pass 300-101, 300-115 and 300-135 exams on the first try!